The sustainability step

Environment & responsibility

Hållbarhetsklivet – Restaurang Tjörnbron

The sustainability step – For us at Restaurang Tjörnbron, it goes without saying to actively work with the environment. As a restaurant, we work for a sustainable hospitality industry by adapting our menu according to the season. We choose our raw materials according to what is available for purchase in Sweden at the current time. This benefits both the environment and the wallet.

We do everything we can to avoid throwing food away and prefer to cook according to demand or day by day rather than throw away. We work creatively and purposefully to use as much of the raw material as possible to reduce wastage. Meat results in large amounts of emissions and it is therefore important to us that the purchasing channels are from the right areas and that as little meat as possible ends up in the garbage. We have therefore chosen to use plate serving to be able to keep track of the portions. When you visit Restaurang Tjörnbron as a guest, you contribute to a smaller environmental impact. This happens easily through our lunch where we serve a 25% vegetarian diet daily

In order to have an even occupancy throughout the year, we attract guests to low season through various campaigns. This also means that we get greater personnel efficiency, as the workforce has an even work flow throughout the year. We also avoid buying single-use plastic in the form of straws, mugs, drink sticks, etc. We have, for example, paper straws instead.

We only use cleaning products that are eco-labelled with “sustainable choices”.

We carry out targeted work to actively promote equal rights and opportunities in working life regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs.

We are constantly working to reduce our environmental and climate impact.